Welcome to Refined Lines... your Island Editor!

Some say writing is a lonely pursuit... Have you ever wished you had a partner?

My name is Jea, and I want to take some of the “lonely” out of your writing. I will also help you put all of your brilliance in!

My approach is to focus on the writer as much as on the writing. Being edited is a very personal experience - what’s on the page is a part of you. Sharing it is an act of intimacy, especially the early drafts. You can’t do that with just anyone... it has to be the right someone.

Will I be your “right” editor? The only way to know is to get together and see... The space between us is where the magic happens, and that can’t be evaluated until it has been created. But getting started costs you nothing except a little time...

So have a look around, get a feel for what I do, and see if you think I can help you.  There’s nothing at all to lose, and so much to gain!

What is the value of editing?

In short - editing makes you look good! Your editor is your partner in the writing process - on your side, and invested in your success.

Whether you need to reveal hidden talent or showcase your intellect, what professional editors really do is help you think clearly, making your work the best it can be, and often saving you from costly mistakes or embarrassment.

The value of a professional editor is not only for catching typos and correcting spelling, but for issues of clarity, organization, and structure. Editing involves carefully reviewing the material, ensuring it is consistent and correct, and that its content, language, and style suit the author's purpose and meet the needs of the audience. 

Who should hire an editor?

Fiction and Non-fiction Writers

Are your friends and family tired of reading drafts and being expected to have useful comments? Do they roll their eyes when you talk about your characters as though they are real people? Is anyone else excited about your book? You need an editor - someone to care about your project as much as you do!

Careful editing makes a huge difference to the quality of your writing and the success of your manuscript. Even if you publish online or some other "free" format, no one will keep reading if the writing is not good. And these days, publishing houses have endless choices of tight, polished works - an unedited manuscript will usually be instantly rejected.

Also, working with a professional editor will strengthen your skills immeasurably over time. Editing can be a demanding process, but it's just full of great learning opportunities! The support and collaboration of an expert can work wonders on your level of confidence, too.

Finally, an editor can help you "get around to it". Have you been working on your novel for twenty years? Meaning to start writing your memoirs for the last decade? Or, maybe the story has been finished for ages, but the manuscript sits in a drawer collecting dust. Sometimes accountability, encouragement, and feedback are just what you need to get moving forward. Call your editor! 


Does your work require public speaking, presentations, or reports? Anytime you have to use language effectively to communicate ideas, an editor can help. Whether we collaborate right from the planning stages or come together over the final draft, editing will improve your results and enhance your professional reputation. 


You might think there's little "writing" involved in running a small business, but what about business stationery, marketing materials, signage, menus, or all the various types of correspondence with vendors and clients? All of these things reflect on you, and people do notice poor quality. Each individual item may be small, but they all add up to a big picture. Editing helps you make a better impression, and that's good for business! 


The most frequent way that students use editors is for proofreading papers and projects. Just fixing the blatant errors can often be enough to affect your grade, and it's affordable even on a student budget (especially with the Student Discount!) 

If English is not your first language, an editor is even more critical to ensure your thoughts are conveyed effectively. Details - like using "the" correctly and placing all your commas properly - will make a huge difference in the impact your work achieves. 

And if you're really serious about improving your grades, on-going collaboration with an editor will certainly increase your success!